Eggs Meurette ( poached eggs in red wine sauce )

Has this ever happened to you? We fail to see what is all aspects of life ! Well, this is what happened to me with these Eggs Meurette...

....traditional French dish, from Burgundy, that I had almost forgotten...but during my visit to New York, I went to have brunch to Balthazar, and there they were, on the menu, staring at me, wondering..."hey girl, when do we become the "stars" in your blog?"

So here they are, to please you, in all their simplicity! 

The good thing about these eggs is that they can be served as "entrée", first course (if you put two eggs per person), for brunch....
And then, they are a joy of flavours and textures: velvety eggs, crispy bacon chips, sweet caramelized onions...a certain acid taste in wine....what else? Enjoy them !

Thanks New York, and its people, for being the source of inspiration in my last two posts !

Now for the recipe !

For these Eggs Meurette (serves 2) you will need:
 * fresh eggs, 2
 * Burgundy wine ( or similar), 90 ml
 * bacon slices, 4
 * butter, 35gr 
 * vinegar, 1 teaspoon
 * red onions, 2
 * brown sugar, 2 teaspoons
 * slices of bread, 2
 * fresh greens, 

 (for the "beurre manié")
 * butter, 1 teaspoon
 * flour, 1 teaspoon

For the red wine sauce: combine using a fork,  one teaspoon of soft butter (room temperature), with one teaspoon of flour. Knead  it into a ball. Refrigerate (this is called "beurre manié" (Once you are at it, you can make more "balls" of beurre manié, keeping them in the freezer for other sauces that you will make in the future; remember the proportion flour, butter is always 50/50). Put the wine in a saucepan, let it boil, then reduce the heat and let it simmer till reduced to a  third (it should have a syrup consistence). Add the beurrie manie. Whisk until well dissolved, and the sauce coats a wooden spoon.

Put the slices of bacon on the grill rack of your oven ( 110°C) Cook until crispy. At the same time, you can toast the slices of bread ( I used Poilâne here)

For the caramelized onions: slice the onions thinly. Melt the butter. Sauté the onions in it. Add the sugar. Then reduce the heat, and let the onions caramelize for 25' aprox.

For the poached eggs: put water in two saucepans. Take them to a boil and then, reduce the heat to medium. Add one teaspoon of vinegar to the water in one saucepan. Break the egg in a little bowl. Swirl the water with the vinegar using a spoon, place the egg in the central hollow that is formed. Cook the egg for 3'. Then with a slotted spoon, remove it from this water, and rinse it in the water of the other saucepan. Drain it on paper towels. Trim off the stringy edges, if necessary, using a small knife. 

Put the slice of toasted bread on a dish, accomodate one dollop of caramelised onions on it, then the poached egg. Serve with greens. Place the two slices of bacon on the greens. Spoon the sauce over the egg.


Unknown said…
How beautiful, its like a little work of art on a plate.
*kisses* HH
In that one shot of the dish, it almost looks like a fish with its mouth open! I'll have some ... anytime.
fromBAtoParis said…
@ HH, Thanks a lot!

@ Je m'appelle Cynthia: You are right !! How are the preparations for the trip?
Patricia A said…
Voy a ver si con esta receta me animo, parece mas facil. Qué buena la foto de New York!
Elin Chia said…
Thanks for sharing the steps on how to prepare this eggs meurette. It has got to taste good with the burgundy splash on the poached egg :)
Denise said…
Hmm…you talk of diets then you do Eggs Meurette?? I think my little salmon wrap is much more innocent LOL It is gorgeous!!! I would just dive in, diets be damned
Chef Chuck said…
Hi Cristine! You are a "Star" in my eye's!! ~Looking good in the City~ I hope your stay was pleasant. That is one good looking breakfast, the way you describe it is now making me hungry.
Thank you for sharing, take care, Chuck
fromBAtoParis said…
@ Chef Chuck: Thanks for the compliment! It has been so cold, rainy and grey here in Paris lately...I feel better now ! =D
fromBAtoParis said…
Thanks Foodbuzz and dear foodies....

These Eggs Meurette are Top 9 today !!
I went to Baltazar last time I was in New york also, loved it. I will definitely try to recreate your dish.
bunkycooks said…
Congrats on Top 9 today!
Barbara said…
Didn't you just LOVE Balthazar? I eat there every time I visit NY. I adore their bread basket!
I've never had their eggs meurette..will definitly order it the next time.
Marvelous post, Cristina!
fromBAtoParis said…
@ Barbara,

Well, I do not know many restaurants in America, but it must be one of the best...what I tried was well done.
Foodiana Jones said…
i love your eggs meurette dish! i do a similar of my own n it’s one of my fav’s for breakfast or late nightcap… beautiful photos!
Sir Suad said…
Thanx alot for sharing the steps on how to prepare .!Balthazar…georgeus… This is our favorite restaurant in the city! They simply have the best food and service of any restaurant in NYC, they have a stellar wine list, the ambiance is enchanting, the list just goes on and on.
Stella said…
Hey Cristina, these eggs sound like a very old school and traditional French dish-I love this type of rustic food. Your egg yolks are cooked just the way I like them too.
I hope you were able to relax a bit in NY. I know it is not necessarily the most relaxing destination. There is certainly a lot of entertainment though. I'm always more exhausted than rested after trips to places like that!
Un beso,
Anonymous said…
This looks so good. Breakfast/Brunch is my second favorite meal and this looks really tasty. I went to a Baltazar and the pastries I got where so good.

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