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To Be or Not to Be....Truthful..politically correct?

Photo by Baked Beans You know what? I'm taking a few days off...and a good blogger should say goodbye, with a lovely post, with an even lovelier recipe.... Yes, this is what a good blogger does...but I decided not to be politically (or "bloggitically") correct, and tell the truth... I'm tired !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm SO tired, that I don't have the energy to write a proper post to say "I'm off for a few days" I"m off to Uzès , where I will do nothing but "dolce farniente"...where people will cook for ME....things coming directly from the loveliest markets..I will visit those markets, though...and eat a peach, an apricot, in fact there is so much "product tasting" in those markets...I will specially stop at the "saucisson" (sausage) stall...AND cheese....AND wine.....Rosé de Provence..... Just a few days.....I need it... No!!! No smartphones during vacations!  I am not the the

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